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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 13, 2019 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs bnnan in the nation's capitol. this is "face the nation." we have breaking news this morning as the u.s. announces plan to withdraw the one thousand american troops in syria. >> i spoke with the president last night. he suggested a deliberate tkwau. >> margaret: over what time period. >> it will be a dib rate tkwau. margaret: we will have the interview. the move comes after president trump pulled back dozen of american troops from northern syria. allowing turkey to attack the kurds. a group that is a long ally in
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the face against isis. >> i'm an eye land of one again. margaret: we will have reaction. then week three of the impeachment inquiry was notable for new su subpoenas. behind closed doors, testimony, and the white house stonewalling. >> they're pursuing a illegal, in valid, and uncon steus tuitional and [beep] impeachment. >> margaret: we have a update on the investigation. plus the chinese boycott the nba. we will talk with republican senator ted cruz. where do americans stand on impeachment? we will have the surprising results from two brand new cbs polls. all that and analysis on the news of the week ahead on "face the nation." >> margaret: good morning.
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welcome to "face the nation" we're following two very big stories this sunday. the impeachment investigation and the president's decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria. a move that has turned into a international crisis. we begin with the secretary of defense. mr. secretary, welcome to "face the nation." >> thank you for having me. margaret: the president pulled back from the border with turkey. there are about a thousand u.s. troops in syria. are you evacuating them. >> it's a bad situation there. caused by the turks. they have made the move into syria. the last 24 hours we have learned they likely intend to expanded their attack further south and to the west. so we know that's happening. we also have learned the last 4 hours the syrian forces, sorry the kurdish forces are looking to cut a deal, if you will, with the syrians and russians to counter attack against the turks in the north.
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so we find ourselves as w have american forces likely caught between two opposing advancing armies. i spoke with the president last night after discussions with the rest of the mags al security team. he directed that we begin a deliberate with draw of forces from northern syria. >> margaret: from the entire country. >> northern syria where most of our forces are. >> margaret: so one thousand troops. >> that's right. margaret: how long over what time period? >> it will be a deliberate with draw conducted as safely and quickly as possible. we want to deconflict a pull back of forces and not leave equipment behind. i'm not prepared for a timeline, that's the general game plan. >> margaret: you say you're doing this because of two advancing armies. they're advancing after the u.s. already pulled back. after the u.s. airforce that controlled the airspace stopped doing so. do you actually believe they
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would advance if u.s. forces were there in the numbers and force and commander in chief saying don't do this? >> i do. this may lead up to talks with my counterpart the past several weeks. i have been on the job over two months. it's been fully noted the turks were planning to do this. it's note. ene when we began this relationship with the syrian kurds in 2014, the turks protested at that moment. it has gone on and on. since then -- >> margaret: do you actually believe turkey would fire on u.s. sources? we're nato allies. >> i don't know if they would we have reports of in discriminant fire -- >> margaret: is that accidental, reckless? >> we have to sort that out. they have the location of our forces. i have been to war. i know what it's like. there is a fog out hr-fplt we
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don't want to put our soldiers in a situation to be killed or injured. even if the kurds decided not to attack. we pulled backless than 50 or two dozen forces. it would be irresponsible of me to keep them in the position. >> margaret: you had u.s. airforce controlling the airspace. >> we still do. it was a coordinated arrangement between us and the turks. despite the fact we urged the turks not to do this, they said they would do this. we said we wouldn't support them militarily in this action. >> margaret: how does that not amount to a retreat? you say the president of the united states, commander in chief said don't do this. they said i am, he said okay. we are pulling back. >> >> i wouldn't characterize it that way. can he beewe didn't want to putn forceforcesforces in harms way.
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>> margaret: when it comes to the force that's you're talking about. you said it has developed in the last 24 hours. you have learned they struck a deal with russia. >> they're working on a deal. i don't know if it's finalized yet. we're pretty confident they will go in that direction. we're trying to make last-minute interventions with the president there. i don't believe he would agree to a cease fire or push back across the border which we have urged to do. >> margaret: to be clear the reason the syrian kurds are striking a deal here is to protect themselves from being killed by turkey. >> that's right. margaret: that's what the u.s. states did for them. they were our allies. it sounds a lot like they were left to the slaughtered. what choice were they left other than to find someone else to protect them. >> the kurds have been a good partner on the de-isis campaign
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and partners on the battlefield. at the same time we didn't sign up to fight the turks on their be half. we were clear with them on. weekith turkey o this. s all of the reasons maying out. the biggest reason is the release of isis fighters. a humanitarian crisis, our relationships are being hurt. we see european criticism of the turkish president. all of the reasons we told them not to do this are coming to bear. >> margaret: what price will they pay? >> we see actions overtime. we will likely see sanctions. >> margaret: doesn't that drive them into the arms of russia. >> i don't think . so we have to
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see how this plays out. this is aan by the hour. >> margaret: in the past few hours on-line there are videos circulating, horrific videos showing execution of kurdish allies of ours. reports of hundreds of isis fighters and family members just running free. there are over a hundred thousand individuals fleeing, according to the u.n. does the u seats have any idea who these forces are that turkey is sending in? who the militias are. >> it's a terrible situation. we condemn it. we have condemned it. this is what we told the turks would happen and may out. who is conducting this isn't clear at the time. this are -- >> margaret: we don't know who they are. >> we don't know exactly who they are. we hear the same t a im >> ity would be war
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crimes. >> margaret: european allies are looking at this. they hear the president say things like the isis fighters will flee to europe they say peg these fighters in their territory. they see a terrorist attack because of the chaos the united states is allowing. >> the united states is not allowing this. turkey is committing this action. we have urged not to do it, through all of our warnings - . >> margaret: the u.s. is being permissive arguably by pulling back. >> we're making decisions for our service members. there are air strikes, arro >> margaret:
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y efendy fe back? >> yes. we have made that clear. i have warned them they need to respect our positions on the ground and our forces. i reminded them we have the right of self defense. we will execute it if necessary. >> margaret: quickly, will you comply with the subpoena the house provided, regarding to the halt of military through ukraine. >> we will do everything we can to cooperate with congress. we sent out a note as we do, to make sure documents are retained. >> margaret: is that a yes? >> that is a yes. we will do all we can to comply. >> margaret: thank you, mr. skred. >> appreciate that, margaret. margaret: we taped that interview a short time ago. since then a u.s. official has.o move out of position in northern seer ya. we will have a report from syria later on in the broadcast.
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we want to go to illinois republican congressman. good morning. you wanted the president to rethink his position and the pulling out decision made last night. what will the implication be? >> it will be terrible. the secretary is doing his job. he has to follow orders. the reality, we know if there were those 30 or 0 soldiers had in that part of syria that turkey wouldn't of attacked. we had a pretty good joint security situation set up to deescalate the area. in fact pulling back the 50 troops or whatever it is has given license to turkey. now pulling out the remaining thousand in syria is a excuse to get out. look at it this way. you hear the president and rand paul talking about wars all the time. we were preventing a endless war.
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that commenced on sunt served in the had military i got into politics because i believe the roll america plays. to see this again, leaving an ally behind, abandoning people we frankly told we would be with, it's disheartening and depressing. frankly it's weak. i don't see how it follows through on the president's promise in the campaign to defeat isis. >> margaret: is the president putting mags al security at risk? >> i think so. look at what will happen out of here. now we have another group that now believes they can't rely on the united states. there is a lot of complication in the kurds situation. i have seen the russian information on the internet picked up by the political blogs. the bad kurds and good kurds. this are kurds not the best folks in the world. there are folks we hs.
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we have chosen. out of a impulsive decision otherwise it was cold and calculated and he was thinking about it that nobody knew. the kurds found out on twitter we left them to the wolves. the message to allies around the world i think is bad. >> margaret: what are republicans in congress going to are you completely power less? >> no. the president has a lot of power though. i said under president obama, the president has a lot of power. that's in the constitution. the things we can do we will do. we have a resolution of condemnation. as well as significant sanctions. the president reading about sanction this is morning. he has to follow through on them. they won't be surface sanctions they will hit turkey hard. we can also be outspoken about this. the american people who want strength and leadership, promised by the president we
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will defeat isis deserve to hear the truth. not the endless war, the libertarian spectrum is talking about. there is a war commencing in syria because we pulled 50 troops out from preventing the war. >> margaret: you heard the secretary acknowledge war crimes. the state department is afraid of ethnic cleansing. so, looking at all of that aren't sanctions just punitive, not preventive? is there a responsibility here to do something? >> i think there is. i think it is not necessarily going to prevent turkey from tkoeg what they're doing. this has been turkey's dream for a long time. the president basically gave the green light to do it. they are important. we have to continue to say this. which is when the united states backs away, chaos follows through. we had a situation of stability there. it wasn't perfect. the president of turkey probably didn't want joint patrols with the u.s. he wanted to attack.
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we're the united states of america. we can prevent things like. that we have to remember our strength and not run away from every conflict we can have. >> margaret: the wallstreet journal had a editorial that is pretty strong here, criticizing the president. "his habit of impulsive judgment." they argued his judgment is to risky voters will ask if he's worth a second gamble in 2020. impeachment won't defeat donald trump in 2020, but donald trump might. does this question whether you will support president trump in 2020? >> i won't go there and question my support. it does, i think the president needs to be aware that, i know republican based voters. i represent rep pub i will cans and democrats. one thing they love about donald trump he says what he means, tough, taken the fight to isis. i have a hard time seeing how
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pulling out of seer ya. it's not just about protecting the kurds. it's about getting intel and fighting isis. we will see how 2020 plays out on that. >> margaret: should the turkish president come to the white house next month as planned? >> no absolutely not. margaret: we will be back with adam skheuft. schift. don't go as a small business owner, the one thing you learn pretty quickly, is that there's a lot to learn. grow with google is here to help you with turning ideas into action. putting your business on the map, connecting with customers, and getting the skills to use new tools. so, in case you're looking, we've put all the ways we can help in one place. free training, tools, and small business resources are now available at
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( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol®. >> margaret: we turn now to the other big story we have been watching the. impeachment charges -- by former vice president joe biden and his son, hunter. we are joined by the chairman of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff. good morning, chairman. two to have you here. >> good morning. margaret: before talking about impeachment i want to hear your reaction about the president's decision to pull out of syria. >> i believe with my republican
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colleague. this is putting a group at great peril to our greatest ally against isis. there are war crimes being committed against them, they're being slaughters. we see isis fighters released from custody as we predicted would happen. for the president to say, well, they're just going to europe. we're not going to have an ally left after this presidency. you can imagine how europe feels about the president of the united states says we're not concerned about foreign fighters going to europe. they will pose a direct threat to our home land as well. we ought to care about our allies. this wouldn't be happening if not for the impulsive decision by the president. with drawing our forces it's what secretary madison warned against. tush ish president took this as a green light. the consequences will be far
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lasting, the damage to our standing, the fact the kurds are now entertaining the russians to protect them because the americans wouldn't. this is an unmitigated disaster. i fear as said this will result in the resurgence of isis. >> margaret: i want to get to the other big topic. that is the impeachment inquiry you are leading do. you see this widening? >> well we're keeping our focus right now on the president's coercion of an ally, that is ukraine to create this sham investigations into his political opponent. we have discovered in short order not onlyheon that call but also the prep tory work going into the call. the effort to condition what the ukrainian president deeply sought, a meeting with the president. to establish this new president to the ukraine had a powerful patron in the united states. that was vital importance to the
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aou cain, beinukraine, as diggi- >> margaret: you see that as a quiqui quo pro. >> this was conditioned on their willingness to interview on the u.s.y hrebg to help the president. that is a terrible abuse of the president's power. whether that abuse goes further, that is the with holding of military aid as leverage. certainly strong indication that's is true as well. we will get to the bottom of it. here you have a president of the united states abusing his power to the detriment of our national security. he's doing so yet toforeigcountn our election. it's more about a corruption of the office. >> margaret: when will you begin to hold public hearings. the polling shows americans are
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not clear what to think about the impeachment inquiry over the past two weeks of work you have done. >> i think the public attitudes have swiftly moved in strong support of the impeachment inquiry. we are rying to do a methodical and yet with a sense of urgency investigation -- >> margaret: the republicans say it's behind closed doors and you can cherrypick information. >> the repub hi cans would like nothing better. they view their roll as defending the president. being the president's lawyers. if witnesses could taylor testimony to other witnesses they would love witnesses to hear each other to know what they can giveaway and what they can't giveaway. there is a reason why investigations and grand jury proceedings are done out of the public view. initially. now we may very well call some of the same witnesses or all of the same witnesses in public hearings as well. we want to make sure we meet the
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needs of the investigation. not give the president or his legal pi min. i don't knows i e testimony to suit their interest. >> margaret: you have been -- well, the whistle blower made the complaints and handed them over. why push for the whistle blower to come before congress? because republicans are calling it. some democrats have questions too. this information is out there. cent tee of this person.eir own >> we can. before the president threatened the whistle blower and others calling them traders and spies saying we gave the death penalty to traders and spies and we should thefrpg about that again, yes we were interested in the whistle blower coming forward.
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>> margaret: not anymore. >> our primary interest is making sure the person is protected. this is more than one whistle moor and want them protected. we have the call we don't need them to tell us about the call. we have the best evidence of that. we want to identify other evidence that is pertinent to the with holding of the military support. the effort to cover this up hiding this up in a classified computer system. we want to uncover the full details about the condition alt of the military aid. it may not be necessary to take steps that may reveal the whistle blowers identity to do that. we will make sure to protect that whistle blower. >> you know who was on the july 25th skull. you know all of the participants. >> i can't say i do. we now know what to place on that call. we are bringing in whitnesses this coming week from the national security council, other state department officials to
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find out what they can tell us about the condition alt of this vital military system. the condition alt of the vital meeting between the two precedent and the president's effort to dig up evidence on his opponent. >> do you regret saying we the committee wasn't in touch with the whistle blower. >> i should of been more clear. i meant when the whistle blower filed the complaint -- i should have been clearer about that. >> margaret: congressman, thank you very much. we will be right back. stay with us. with portfolio managers who are encouraged to do what's right over what's popular. focused on helping me achieve my investors' unique goals. can i find an investment firm that gets long term the way i do?
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>> the mystery continues on a new "god friended me" tonight on cbs. james: week six in the nfl. phil: there he is. sixth round pick, gardner minshew. nine touchdowns, one inteterception. he's given the jaguars hope. bill: teddy bridgewater has won all three of his starts in place of the injured drew brees and offense has not missed a beat. completing 57% of his balls. boomer: four and three days apart drafted two picks apart, it's deshaun watson and patrick mahomes and two most exciting players in the nfl. doing battle today at
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